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If you have a passion for hobbies such as snooker, or love to work out in a gym, one of our garden rooms could be the answer to the extra space you may need.

Space for a growing family is often at a premium and with the cost of moving house at around £20,000 (not including the extra value of a bigger home), it often makes financial sense to extend your current living space. With a garden room starting price from as low as £12,000, you can provide a family room for less than the cost of the stamp duty. At the same time you will be adding value to your current home.

All our garden rooms are constructed using responsibly sourced materials, carefully chosen by our designers for their durability, sustainability, aesthetics and value for money. Whichever style of garden room you choose the exceptional quality shines through and you can be assurred of build quality second to none.

Most garden rooms under 30 sqm in floor space do not require building regulations, but there are always exceptions. For this reason we ensure that all our designs meet or exceed all relevant building regulations. Planning permission is not normally required, but when it is, we can take care of it for you. When planning is not required you can enjoy your new garden room within 5 weeks of placing an order - that's 4 weeks manufacture time and only 1 week on site.

You can enjoy your new garden room safe in the knowledge that it is protected by our 10 year guarantee, covered by The Consumer Protection Association.