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About Room4-you

Part of Sterling Garden Rooms Ltd, Room4-you is the division specialising in design and construction of premium garden rooms. Our garden rooms are constructed from timber frames and can exceed all current building regulations for domestic housing. We have used as inspiration the Code for Sustainable Homes issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government. All our rooms are designed using only the highest quality materials which have been responsibly sourced for the perfect balance between durability, sustainability, aesthetics and value for money. We have more than 20 years experience of constructing timber frame, sustainable buildings for use in the public and private sector. Registered in England and Wales No.7751340, VAT No. 118 9809 78

Specialists in bespoke garden rooms

Our speciality is in providing a bespoke design service from our extensive list of modular components allowing a Room4-you to be designed exactly to your needs and budget. Throughout this web site we offer examples of some of the unique rooms we have provided which are designed to offer inspiration to your Room4-you. This is just one way we are different to our competitors; browse through our web site and you will find some unique materials which requires little or no maintenance.


Why we use timber frames

We choose to use timber frames because they are sustainable, durable, attractive and offer value for money.

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Our philosophy

Home-owners of today demand exacting standards of manufacture and construction combined with first class service at an affordable price. This is the challenge that we were determined to meet.

We firmly believe that any product should be designed and built to last, giving functional satisfaction whilst meeting all of the client's demands and being aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

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