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Why we use Timber Frames


Timber is the only truly sustainable building material and using wood from well managed forests helps reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each tree removed is always replaced with at least 1, if not 2, new trees. This forms part of the ethos that your room4-you is Designed for Life. Insulation - Timber is a natural insulator and helps ensure your room4-you achieves high levels of thermal efficiency. The natural sound proofing properties provide obvious added benefits and may help you stay on good terms with any neighbours!


Timber frames have been used in construction for hundreds of years, many buildings dating from the 12th Century are still being used today. This forms part of the ethos that your room4-you is Designed for Life. It’s Fire Resistant - Contrary to popular belief timber performs well in fire. It will not warp or flake like some other materials and retains its structural integrity even if exposed to extreme levels of heat. It’s Strong -Timber frames are used in many multi-storey buildings demonstrating its significant structural strength.


Timber is a beautiful, natural material and is very easily manipulated into different shapes and forms without having to expose it to high levels of energy absorbing manufacturing processes.

Value for Money

The natural thermal properties help reduce your fuel bills. The speed of construction is significantly reduced over other building methods meaning you do not pay for all that extra time on site. An average extension to your home will take at least 4 weeks to complete whilst each unique room4-you is constructed in just 4 days, giving you extra time to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

Manufacturing Timber Frames in our Yorkshire workshop.