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Exterior Cladding

We have sourced different cladding options, each one chosen for its durability, sustainability, aesthetics and value for money. Each option is offered using only stainless steel fixings. Your options are highlighted below with all natural timber being sourced from FSC certified forests:

Siberian Larch - is the perfect cladding material for projects where a high impact, durable and attractive product is required. The colour of larch can vary from golden brown to pale yellow.

ThermoWood - is a physically engineered timber that is produced by specialist heat treating Scandinavian Redwood/Whitewood. It is this alteration in structure that results in a more stable, anti-fungal timber ideal for use in exterior applications.

Western Red Cedar - its unique range of properties including workability, performance, versatility and weather resistant characteristics, have propelled this timber to become the number one choice in natural timber cladding. This timber has excellent stability and is ideal for outdoor projects, with its inherent resistance to decay and fungal attacks. It is also able to dampen sound vibrations and has superior thermal insulation properties. Visually this is a beautiful timber, with colour variations from pale honey through to a deep rich brown. Left to weather naturally, Cedar will turn an attractive silver grey colour.

European Oak - a premium hardwood which when machined varies in colour from silver to dark brown. Stain and preservatives can be applied to offer the current vogue for golden yellow which can also be replicated in the window and door frames. European Oak is often specified for its strength, durability and density.

Cladding Gallery

Here are some images of the most popular cladding choices: