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We have developed an exciting new foundation system for our range of contemporary garden buildings. This unique system negates the need for a concrete slab and overcomes any problems with uneven ground. Consisting of a structural steel frame that sits on steel uprights set in concrete into the ground. Insulated timber floor panels are then dropped into the framework meaning that the foundation and floor of the garden room are installed very quickly and efficiently. This type of foundation allows air to flow freely under the garden room which reduces the risk of damp forming in the garden room. Room4-you have had our foundation system tested and it complies with Building Regulations – a benchmark for suitability for use, safety and quality. We have a range of other foundation options to suit all eventualities; however our main approach should cope with 80% of all applications.


Dependent on foundations but our standard uses heavy duty structural graded c16 timber joists to form a timber floor with minimum 100mm (4 inch) thick rigid insulation panels finished with another layer of 20mm thick floorboards ready to accept your choice of flooring. All Unique Outdoor Rooms have a vapour barrier and breather membrane to ensure no damp can enter your building and condensation does not build up. This provides a floor with u-values as low as 0.15, far in excess of the building regulations minimum of 0.25W/m2k.


The timber structure meets and exceeds modern house build standards. The profile has been developed to ensure rigidity and reliability. The multi-layers in the section gives a thickness in excess of 200mm and is based on insular performance and structural requirements. Similar to the floor section it includes high insular performance and breathability with the advanced heat reflective breather membrane. This provides walls with u-values down to 0.14, far in excess of the building regulations minimum of 0.30W/m2k.


We offer many different options for each room4-you with each one being constructed from multi layers to offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The optional sedum roof with ultra low maintenance organic plants (that do not require mowing!) ensures that wherever you site your Unique Outdoor Room it will offer something back to the environment.
Other roof options include EPDM hard wearing rubber which represents a major advancement in waterproofing technology combined with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Alternatively, you can choose cedar shingles, slate or tiles which will add a traditional feel to your room4-you. Each option is constructed with exceptional insulation offering u-values as low as 0.16, which far exceeds the current building regulations of 0.25 W/m2k.

Windows and Doors

You have the option of specifying timber, aluminium or UPVC and each style can be manufactured to either match or contrast with the windows in your main home. All options are fitted with insurance approved locks and you can specify tilt and turn, inward or outward opening casement windows, dummy sash, or full sliding sash. You can specify hinged, sliding or bi-folding doors all argon filled for ultra low energy loss. All the window systems are toughened for both security and safety. The trickle vents ensure constant smooth air recycling. Whichever option you choose you can relax in the knowledge that u-values are on average 1.5 versus building regulations of 1.8W/m2k.


All our walls are covered with traditional plasterboard and a skim layer of plaster providing a smooth comfortable environment ready for decoration. The standard floor is high quality oak effect laminate or you can specify solid oak engineered wood, carpet, rubber floor or tiles.


Your room4-you is supplied with a minimum of 6 double sockets, energy efficient lighting and fuse-board ready for connection to the mains. All fixtures are supplied with a brushed chrome finish. Standard heating is provided from convector heaters with upgrades available to include highly efficient radiant panel heaters, air source heat pumps or under-floor heating. (Please note that under-floor heating is not available with the rubber floor option).  All electrical work is carried out to Part P of the Building Regulations.