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Garden Offices - Run your business from home

Garden Offices - A great place to work

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The vision of working in a garden office is often not fulfilled due to technology/security issues or simply due to lack of space.

Room4-you have addressed these issues and can offer a fully functional and beautiful Garden Office for as low as £9,995. All you need to do is choose your design style, size and contact us for a free, no obligation quote. You can specify any number of extras including en-suite toilets.

With winter snow frequently causing travel chaos in many parts of the country you can escape to the sanctuary of a stylish, warm garden office with only a 30 second commute.

Not only could one of our Unique Garden Offices reduce your outgoings, it could reduce your stress and make you more productive, giving you more time for the things you like to do.

Our garden office designs start with a small footprint of just 2.5 x 2.5m meaning they will fit into even the smallest garden.

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Our Garden Offices Designs
The Arc Design The Vista Design The Peak Design
Want something different

Most of our garden offices are large enough to allow for a multi-function room.  However, following high demand from our customers we have launched this brand new design as a dedicated office in your garden.  Starting in size from 2.5x2.5m this new garden office design offers internal space large enough to allow a single worker space to work.  There is an opening window, panoramic corner window and a glazed door to ensure maximum light for optimal working conditions.  Please contact us to find out more about this exciting new dedicated garden office.  The prices start from just £10,000 which includes delivery, installation, plaster walls, heating and much more.  Hurry because the first 10 customers will also have the VAT paid.

Bespoke Design

Is your daily commute to work stressfull?
Is your daily commute to work stressful, tiring and an utter ordeal?  Spending far too much precious time between work and home and always looking at your watch. Have you always harbored the desire to start your own business or work from home?
For most people of course it’s virtually impossible as an office can take up a lot of precious space in a home.  There is however a very effective solution.  All you have to do is look outside and consider unlocking the potential of your garden.
Our garden offices could provide you with all the extra space you and your family need.  Just picture yourself literally stepping outside your home and into your office, a private, quite and peaceful space where there are no commuters, no rush hour, no office politics and best of all no worries. Now who wouldn’t want that?
Our bespoke garden buildings can make all of this possible, communicate via email the internet and webcam its your space so you make the rules. Imagine having the flexibility and freedom to set your own hours and have the independence to create your own schedule. Best of all ditch the power suit.
Our garden offices is not just a room to work, constructed in quality timber and flooded with natural light your garden office will be designed especially to enhance the very best of your garden’s features enabling you to enjoy them too and as for your work environment well what could be nicer.  
Our garden offices of course need not be just that. It can be adaptable too. A multifunctional space for you and your family.  All you need is a little smart thinking some modular furniture and voila your garden office has transformed. It’s now a kids playroom, not only for the overspill of toys from your home but a beautiful space where they can fight dragons and hold whimsical tea parties.
Our garden offices can help avoid the laborious planning restrictions of perhaps a loft conversion and with none of the mess associated with such home improvements. We have a range of beautiful designs and finishes any of which will compliment your property beautifully as well as adding value, a very poignant consideration in today’s struggling climate. 
Many more people nowadays are opting to work from home and enjoying all the benefits that it imparts and having the luxury of a garden office can make it achievable for everyone.